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Welcome to my sweet and irresistible pastry world! I am really glad to meet you here. 

My name is Ivan and I work as a Pastry Sous Chef in one of the most famous hotels in London.

I am a pastry - addicted and cake-lover. Even in my free time I like to bake for my beloved family and friends and to surprise them with new sweet temptations. 

It could sound as a cliché, but I am happy to say that I was lucky to find my real vocation in my life and the only thing I aim to do is to be even better in it.

The only limit is the sky - the rest is imagination, improvisation and hard work with the both hands.

Pastry is more than just a job for me. It is art, devotion, joy, delight and fulfilment and I feel blessed to do it for more than …… years.

I love to experiment and explore new recipes and new ways of preparing desserts and cakes that look tempting, have a burst of flavour and taste really good. 

I have created my website because I wanted to share with you my passion for baking and cake decorating and get inspired you for your next challenge.

This would be a recipe and advice website edited by me that will feature great ideas to leave your family and friends amazed with your baked goodies.

But also you will be able to order desserts crafted by me with your personalised message and design that will be perfect addition for your birthday party,

wedding, anniversary or any other special occasion. 

I hope you enjoy your journey through my website. You will find colourful pictures and delicious recipes, useful tips and tricks and a wide range of desserts

that you can order for your celebration. When something is made with love, it brings pleasure and happiness.

I would be extremely pleased if even for a moment I take you on a sweet trip to the magical world of pastry.

Bonn Appetite.

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